Miraculous benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalaya Salt Lamp

Himalaya Salt Lamp.Anti Asthmatic.Smoking ,Air Cleaner


When we speak about Himalayan salt and its lamp we will discover a lot of benefits that we need it in our daily life as solution of many medical problems so common Among us

This what will have if We use Himalaya salt lamp in your office or bed room …..

  • Neutralize Electromagnetic Radiation ….
This lamp emits the negative radiations Ions into the Air and neutralize all magnetic radiation from Computer .TV and mobiles.
  • Reduce Static electricity in the Air ….
This static electricity known with its Relation to Frustration .Embarrassment and Stress,
So the salt lamps neutralize all these airborne ions in the air and protect us from those effects.
  • Great Helper in Asthmatic Patients, Allergy and respiratory Problems ….
These Lamps remove the molds. Dust .pet Dander and mildew.
It has ability to remove the allergens so effectively For that its presence so important to prevent all allergic symptoms.
  • Cleanse and deodorize the place..
These lamps has great ability to Purify the air and has power of hygroscopy   as they attract water molecules from the environment and adsorb it inside the salt Crystals….
  • Great ability improve the sleeping …
It has great ability to reverse the sleeping issue and improve the air quality in the entire bed room environment what will insure sleep improvement.
  • Bring a lot of positive energy .
  • Give natural romantic amazing degree of lighting to the place.
  • Great for Relation massage or Yoga Sessions or Meditaion.
  • It produce the light Waves of the rainbow spectrum which protect our bodies .
  • It has great role in skin disorder cure .

How The Lamps Work …

The Himalaya salt lamp when has contact with heat in form of the lamp  .it start to adsorb the water molecule and produce negative ions to neutralize that positive harmful magnetic ions .it ionizes all the environment.
-The multi color glow has sever sedation anti depressant effects ,so it will help for high quality sleeping and relaxation mode.

Where I put it..

You need to put it in the place that you stay most of times and has most of electronics.
You need it in sleeping rooms.
You need it in yoga or mediation session place .

Hope for you The Best